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Nail Enhancements
Nail Enhancements Nail Enhancements
Acrylic Nails
Polymer Powder mixed with liquid to provide length & sturdiness.
Acrylic Full Set w/ Gel Polish
Acrylic Fill w/ Gel Polish
Pink & White Full Set
Pink & White Fill
Pink Fill
A permanent natural French/ American look created by a non-yellowing, 2 color sculpturing powder that is very durable. No polishing, dry time, nor chipping!
Colored Acrylic Powder
Same Color Fill
New Color Fill
A High Quality colored acrylic powder that is very durable, requires no polishing, no chipping, no fading. Great alternative to polish/gel on acrylic!
SNS Full Set
SNS Fill
SNS Full Set With Tips
Callus Removal
Sugar Scrub
Manicure Manicure
Basic Manicure
Includes shaping/shorten nails, soaking hands in heated mittens, cuticle treat-ment, lotion massage, and finish with polish of your choice.
Gel Manicure
Includes Basic Manicure with a choice of Gel Color that dries instantly and lasts at least 2 weeks with no chemical use and no drilling included.
Citrus Manicure
Includes shorten/filing nails to your liking, hands are soaked in Citrus Soak, cuticle treatment, Citrus Sugar Scrub Exfoliation of hands to help remove dry & dull skin, Rejuvenating Serum is applied with hot towels wrapped to revitalize the skin, am and hand massage with a Citrus hydrating lotion.
Organic Manicure
Includes basic manicure, hand soak in Organic Milk Bath, Organic Sugar Scrub to exfoliate, Organic mask is applied with hot towels wrapped, and extended arm and hand massage with an Organic hydrating lotion, Paraffin Treatment to retain the moisture and revitalize your hands.
Pedicure Pedicure
Basic Pedicure
Includes shorten and shaping of nails, soak in pedicure bath, cuticle and callous treatment, lotion massage and finish with polish application. (25 minutes)
*Add sugar scrub exfoliate for $5 more*
*Add callus treatment*
Deluxe Pedicure
Includes standard pedicure services. In addition, this pedicure comes with pomegranate scrub to exfoliate your skin and a cooling hydrating mask on your feet for a tingly feeling, hot towel and lotion massage. (35 minutes).
Platinum Pedicure
The utmost moisturizing pedicure for dry or cracked feet! Feet are soaked, nails and cuticles are groomed to perfection, callous treatment for rough dry skin, sugar scrub exfoliation for dead skin, Deep Dermal transforming mask is applied & wrapped in hot towels, extended Milk & Honey Butter Cream massage to leave you with the softest feet. A 5 minute shoulder massage is included. (45 minutes).
Signature Pedicure
This therapeutic pedicure offers seasonal fun flavors: Green Tea, Ocean Refresh, Tangerine Wrist, Pink Grapefruit, Cucumber Fresh, and Lancender Relieve. Includes aromatic feet soak, nails shortened and shaped, cuticles groomed, callous treatment with pumice stone scrub of dry heels and soles, exfoliating foot & lower leg scrub, mask is applied & wrapped in hot towels for ultra hydration, extended lotion massage to nourish & condition the skin, hot stone and a 5 minute neck and shoulder massage is included. The hot stones increase circulation by adding warmth, relaxation, and penetration to the muscles and connective tissues. (55 minutes)
Unique Pedicure
Go out of the ordinary and nurture your soles with this all natural pedicure. It comes with 104 different flavors. With this treatment you can not only enjoy a superb pedicure but also take comfort in knowing that only natural and organic ingredients will be going onto your skin. Feet soaked, cuticle & callous treatment, organic sugar scrub, organic mask applied with hot towel wrap to relieve stress, massage oil and crème to rejuvenate, relax and to give you the most hydrated, soft, and beautiful feet. Hot stone is used to soothe the feet and help circulation. Lastly, a therapeutic paraffin treatment and 5 minute neck/shoulder massage is included. (65 minutes)

*Also comes with a free organic scrub sample.
Spa for Kids
***10 years old and under***
Kids Kids
Nail Arts
$3 & up
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Polish Change (hands/feet)
Gel Polish Change (hands/feet)
Nail Repair
$5 & Up
Nail Designs
$7 & Up
Artificial Nail Removal
Paraffin Wax
French Polish
Matte Finish
Buff Shine
Cut Down
(Almond, coffin, stiletto, widetips)
$10 & Up
Order Order
$10 & Up
$35 & Up
$30 & Up
$35 & Up
$15 & Up
Half Arms
$20 & Up
Full Arms
$35 & Up
$50 & Up
$25 & Up
Half Legs
$30 & Up
Full Legs
$50 & Up